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4 months into the Regimen:



Okay, I really don't know why I didn't start blogging this sooner, but anyway!

So I've been on this regimen for exactly 4 months today. My acne is/was quite mild I suppose, but as you would know, any sort of acne can really affect your confidence.

So, up until the age of about 14/15, I'd had relatively clear skin. The occasional pimple here and there, not too bad. But when I hit grade 10 (around 15 years old) my skin when absolutely berserk. I had horribly severe acne and it absolutely destroyed my confidence. I don't remember what exactly made the acne go away, but it left quite quickly (in about a few months) and my face [surprisingly] was left with no scarring. From then on, from grade 11 to 12 (16 - 17 years old) I'd get a few pimples here and there, again, nothing too bad. Now, I've graduated High School and am in University, and the pimples have come back with a vengeance. Luckily for me, it is not as bad as it was when I was 15; however, it is still making me considerably less confident.

A few months ago, I desperately went to my GP and asked what I could do to get rid of the acne. He recommened benzoyl peroxide (2.5%) and then to go on up (5% - 10%) as my skin got used to it. I quickly ran [literally] to the chemist, sped off home and hastily applied the peroxide to my face, expecting results the next day. Well, that didn't happen. Nor did it happen over a month. Or two. Now, during this time I was extremely depressed and was constantly lurking on the internet for miracle cures and remedies. I came across acne.org and found myself being sucked in to reading all the reviews and, eventually, coming across the regimen. I thought to myself - what do I have to lose? And so, the regimen began.

Now, I must say, my skin has definitely improved since going on the regimen. BUT. It is no way near clear. I still find myself breaking out. Just so you guys know, here is what I do on a daily basis:


Wash with Neutrogena Acne Soap

Apply 2.5% benzoyl peroxide

Moisturise with Cetaphil lotion

Apply makeup


Wash with acne soap

Apply 2.5% benzoyl peroxide

Moisturise with Cetaphil lotion

Diet [daily]:

2 x fruit

5 x vegetables

3-5 cups green tea

8-10 glasses of water



Vitamin C

Evening Primrose Oil

Alright! So, it has been 4 months so far and although most of the pimples are gone, I'm still breaking out quite often. I know it says that it takes around 2-3 months to start being clear, but I disagree. It must take a longer time. Now, I do admit, I'm still very self-conscious about my face. I will constantly be looking in a mirror and noticing every mark left by pimples and examining each and every pore. If I do see a new pimple coming, or wake up to a new mark, I get sick in the stomach. I know it's not doing any good stressing about it, but it's just the way it is, and I'm sure a lot of you can agree.

I plan on sticking with the regimen - I am definitely not giving up!

I'll definitely keep tracking my progress as the weeks go on.


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