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The big 5-0!!!!!



I'll just get to the point today:

Skin: My face doesn't get dry if I apply moisterizer nightly. The on my upper arms has gone away... thank GOD!

Acne: I have these weird small whiteheads that have a tiny hole in the center... it looks like a large not active blackhead. I tried to pop them because I let them be for a looooong time and they just stay on my face..., nice and cozy. THEY WON'T POP! So I gave up and I'm not picking them anymore but grrr they annoy me.

Bacne: I have no idea what is happening back there! I usually every other day have a pimple on my right upper back... if I pop it which I did it came back!

Must read book: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Beauty can be Pain?! <3