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Accutane Tips :)



Hey everyone, Ive been on accutane for a while now so i thought id give the new users some tips about how to cope with the side effects!!

Tip number one is to use LOTS and LOTS of vaseline on your lips. Dry lips is the most common side effect of accutane and it can be very very irritating and uncomfortable to be walking around with red lips all day. My secret weapon is a small tube of vaseline (pocket size) that i picked up from shoppers drug mart. Another thing you can use (not as good) is burts bees lip balm but it is not as strong as vaseline and vaseline stays on way longer. Im half way through my treatment and not once did my lips crack or get dry! :think:

My second tip is use MOISTURIZER and lots of it. Basically i wash my face twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening) plus i shower after work. Therefore i apply my face lotion after i get out of the shower and wash my face. (i.e. 3 x a day) The moisturizer i use is very common it is called cetaphil. Before putting cetaphil on my face i use aloe and just lightly put a pea size amount all over my face. I havent had any flakiness since i started doing this!

i will add some more tips later on :wall:

mythai05 ;)