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The reason I started this blog was because I was struggling with moderate-severe acne that wouldn't cease...

I've only posted 3 entries and I'm completely clear.

Isn't that fantastic? Isn't it unreal?

I'm not used to feeling my face and it being smooth, no flinching or wincing.

I'm not used to not having to wear makeup.

I'm not used to rubbing my skin.

I'm not used to looking for a zit to pick and not finding anything.

I'm not used to not sheilding my face.

I'm not used to taking pictures and not having to retouch them.


I'd only been using Dan's Treatment (2.5% BP) for 2 and a half weeks when I started clearing up.

Me, whose been looking for an answer for 6+ years since I began middle school. I honestly couldn't imagine myself with clear skin and it's a remarkable feeling!

It's been maybe a month and I only get a pimple or two. I still have blackheads on my nose, that's it.

I have scars...

The red dots scattering over my face that could be mistaken as acne.

Thankfully, not the indented, icepick holes.

I'm almost possitive it's only hyperpigentation, post inflammitory something.

Something that could fade with time, this is my next quest.

hopefully a shorter one at that.

VULGAR-is: fin. the end :think: