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I'm still trying to get a hang of using this website lol so hopefully i am posting this in the right spot. (it's a continuation of my accutane dairy) /feel free to comment if im adding entries wrong haha. So basically when i first started accutane the first week i actually saw improvement right away. Most of my forehead completely cleared up and a couple spots on my cheeks did too. i was super excited and right away i was glad i had listened to my doctor! Because i kept hearing scary stories about accutane being dangerous (and thankfully i ignored them because i keep going for my blood tests and im still healthy!) ;)

So week one my skin got better, and week two i dont recall seeing much changes. However week three was when i got hit with my 'initial breakout' and my forehead acne came back again/ slightly worse which my doctor told me was normal! He also told me that after month two was when i would start to see significant changes in my skin for the better. However im just starting month four (tomorrow. yay!) but i still have some acne around my chin and forehead which is why i got my dosage increased.

Also, my breakouts really havent stopped yet. I havent seen any new blemishes, just ones that keep reoccuring and will not go away permanently. But im keeping positive! Tomorrow i start taking 60 mg of accutane a day. I am a little nervous because i read somewhere online that the side effects get worse the higher the dosoage. so my fingers are crossed!!! and i will let you know if any of my side effects get worse or if i acquire any new ones. :think:

Another thing that i mentioned before... i do have depression and im not sure if it worsened because of accutane. it is hard to tell because i had it before i even started my treatment. Just to let you know depression is one of the side effects of the pill. on the other hand, if your skin is looking great i think accutane may cure your depression if it all started with acne/blemishes! So dont let it scare you and try to have an open mind if you are just starting accutane.

Sincerely, Mythai05 :wall:


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