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Day 133 - Still Clear!



As I sit here in my office eating my P&J breakfast sandwhich....I can't help but think how dag on clear my skin is! It amazes me how fast you forget how it feels to have acne when you don't have to worry about it anymore.... ;)

I have found such profound confidence since my skin is clear it amazes me....When I go out with my friends I feel beutiful and I feel confident. I have even taken a step forward and even asked a guy out and gave him my number.... :wall: 5 months ago I would never considered even remotly doing anything so risky because all I can think about was my acne.... :think:

I;m so happy things are working out the way they are...I am SO HAPPY! :D


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I've been reading your blog from the very beginning and it's really good to hear how great you're doing now :-

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Thank you Zeet!!! I really do feel amazing....sometimes I go back and read my bad days and I look at my skin now and all I can do is smile :-

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