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Day 4



Ok so I didn't do tooooo great last night cause there were some scabby bits which I may have helped off when I got home :think: not so bad but probably would have left less noticeable red marks if I'd left them to fall off in their own time!

The white head was still there too except it was sorta hard & scabby so I eased that one off too & squeezed the gunk out - now that definitely counts as picking, drat! I didn't excessively squeeze like I sometimes do at least.

So, this morning - I seem to be getting a big under the skin spot on my chin, it's really painful but at least there's no white head (touch wood) which I have to try and resist from picking!

The right side of my face is still meeeeega bumpy but all thats now left on my forehead are two smallish red marks.