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It's been almost a month since I started my own tailor-made plan to fight acne. So far, I'm taking 10 b5 per day (day and night), full amount of bp (dan's regimen), and I added tea tree toner and essence on top of my tailor made regimen.

So far, my skin doesn't have any inflammed acne (woohoo!). BUT, I'm still trying to fight the huge amount of whiteheads that I get everyday. You can't REALLY see it from far away, but if you see me under the sun, you would be able to see the HUGEEE number of whiteheads that are persisting on my two cheeks and chin. :wall:

I have NOOOOO idea how to get rid of these annoying whitheads. I went to a facialist the other day and she popped about half of the whiteheads that were on my face. But it came back in less than a week.

Even though I have no idea how to fight these annoying whiteheads yet, good news is my face is a bit better than before because there are no red and inflammed pimples/cysts. (touch wood)

I will continue my regimen and I'm planning to visit the facialist again perhaps next week to get rid of the annoying whiteheads by force. :think:

Will keep you all posted. Good luck!