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My accutane diary !



Hey everyone, i dont know if anybody will even read this/ i also just joined acne.org about 5 minutes ago with the intention of writing a blog so hopefully i am doing it right lol! Basically ive been reading stories online about people with acne and how they are treating it and one method which is what i am currently using is accutane. So i just thought that i would share some interesting things that have happened to me so far (3months in to using accutane drug.) To start off i will let you know i am eighteen years of age and female! I started accutane 3 months ago i currently only have two pills left in my packet and am going to pick up my month four refill tomorrow.

My doctor started me on 40 mg which is the lowest dosage possible, and today when i went to the doctors he increased my dose to 60 mg. (40 + two 10mg pills a day= 60mg) i am excited because i really want my acne gone!! :wall: so far i am half way through my treatment and although my skin has improved i am surprised that my forehead and chin have not cleared up as much as i had hoped. they are my two worse spots.

These are some of the side effects i have been experiencing.../some tips...

1. My lips have not actually been dry at all (i keep vaseline on me at all times and reapply literally 20 times a day !) haha

2. My hands are very dry and formed a rash but my doc gave me cream for it, so its not too bad

3. My skin on my face isnt dry because ive been using aloe and lotion on it (my secret weapons)

4. My skin does get flushed but it could be because of my other medications.

5. i dont care too much about side effects im just excited for the outcome after i finish my course!!!!

i should let you know i am also on antidepressants because i have very mild ocd and also depression and am currently being treated for them.. i feel like once my skin is better i will also be happier. my skin is what caused my depression in the first place...

MY survival guide to Accutane

A. Always moisturize!

B. vaselinevaselinevaseline

C. Go to the doctors often/ check if you need to increase dosage

D. Get regular blood tests ;)

My acne is moderate to severe and it really gets me down which is why my doctor prescribed it as a last resort. Before i was given accutane i had to try retin-a, tonnes of different topicals, birth controls, other brands of birth controls but nothing worked! So far my acne is better but i still have a long way to go and ill keep you updated. (that is if anyone is reading LOL)

sincerely, Mythai05 :think:


Hello!I read your blog! lol well im on Accutane aswell (Day 39) and I have 30mg dosage, I wouldnt say I have severe acne, but its always been a problem, i mostly get them on my cheeks and they are pretty disforming (thats what my general physician said, can you believe! ?!) I am female + 34 years old and desperately wished I had done this when i was in highschool! I actually have nodular acne and its annoying. Anyway i think its great that you are doing this now so you can get it over with! While on vacation to FL last month i met a couple and the husband works for Accutane (ironic right) well he was very enthusiastic about knowing someone who is on it and totally recomends it so I wish you lots of luck and i'll continue to read, oh and dont wax! im sure you know this but i didnt and ended up having a layer of my skin peeled lol ewwww.....neosposrin is a life saver though! Lots of luck

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Thank you!! And good luck to you too :- Wow what are the chances of you meeting them! haha i hope that your treatment is going good and thank you for reading :doubt: ill keep you posted !

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