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9 days post accutane



I've been don for over a week, and unfortunately, I can see my skin breaking out again. Im only getting small zits, and they really dont look that bad, hardly noticable but still it sucks breaking out so early after getting off. A week ago I had my last accutane dermatologist appointment and he said a second course ould definately be an option if I felt I needed it, so hopefully I can get on it again laer this summer.

All in all, I'm really happy I did it. I dont think my skin will ever be as bad as it was, and Im confident that a second course will knock everything out. In my opinion, the side effects are overated.

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Hey man, really good blog, really helpful, thanks!i'm currently on accutane 40mg a day for 4 months. interesting point you made about the showers. I take two hot showers per day and when i come out my face does seem irritated and red and dry. but i just use cetaphil moisturizer after and its fine. How did u wash yourself though if u don't shower lol?

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