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Just wanting to report



Well, as you can guess, not much as changed since I posted at midnight this morning. I spoke too soon yesturday about the dryness as I have noticed a little dryness today. Honestly though, I think that is more of the pimples drying up as it is only around zits. I have two new little red dots just under my eye. Perhaps I was too harsh taking my mask off last night. I'm just hoping they will easily dissappear without growing into full pimples. I also have a new pimple on my forehead, and one tiny whitehead has turned into two above my brow.

Other than that, my under the skin pimple (I guess it's a cyst) is just as big and red. Tonight I will be spot treating that baby with the clay overnight (using water instead of ACV so as not to burn my skin). The under the skin pimples on the same cheek under my eye are getting smaller and less noticable, though I feel they've been here forever so it's about time. One reason I want to keep this log is to keep track of time. I feel these little cystic pimples have been on my face forever, but I have no idea how long they actually have.

I read a few people's reports on eating Activia yogurt and that helping to clear their acne as it contains probiotics and helps regulate the digestive system. So, as is my usual, I just had to give it a try. I rushed to the store and picked up an 8 pack of yogurt. I have eaten two packages and used it as a mini facial so far today (do I sound extreme?) I already love yogurt masks, they have saved the day more than once, so I didn't feel like I was risking much in this. I'm liking the idea of probiotics since I am on a regime to detox and regulate my body. Plus it is absolutely delicious and a good breakfast. I've heard people noticing a different in under two weeks so we'll see if it makes any difference.

I missed drinking my clay this morning.

My overall complexion I think is clearing. I must be patient. I tend to want instant gratification with these things, and, even if I get it, after two days it still isn't good enough. I must realize that this is a process and a journey. I will continue this regime as it is working. It feels good to be able to say that: it's working. I just need to stick with it. Enjoy it. Find happiness in every day that I am getting clearer.


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