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Facial Steamer review



A month or so ago I went to Marrakech, during my week there I had Hammams everyday at my hotel... These are basically steam rooms.

I really enjoyed what it was doing for my skin. My first one, I came out and looked in the mirror and I had a huge, ready to squeeze white head sitting on my nose where NOTHING had previously been. I thought WOW thats speedy work, and my skin improved so much over the week (im sure partly due to the sun also).

When I got home I decided to buy a facial steamer ( which I got for £10 at argos,UK)

It really feels good, plus it also helps clear your passages. SO really good if your feeling a bit congested!


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Do you still use a facial steamer? I was wanting to get one but Im not sure yet. I have cystic acne as well and I feel its getting worse.

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will probably get this! lol, i am from london but live in america now, i hope i can get one for $10 here lol!!

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I havent used it in a little while because my skin cleared up a lot... its now pretty bad again so might well get it out again. Really good in winter too to clear colds!

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