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Day 48



Hey guys, new update for you.

I guess im not as happy with the results as i thought i would be come week 7. My acne, isn't much different to when i started, if anything slightly worse. I have so many red marks from previous breakouts that are taking agggges to go away :think:

apart from that, i've had a couple of new sore whiteheads pop up at the side of my lips and STILL getting the whiteheads at the side of my nose aswell, ah soooo annoying!

On the plus side - my forehead looks as if it could be clearing up. I don't want to speak too soon but i don't think i've had a new active one there in a while. does anyone know if your acne clears up in sections on accutane lol????

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Good luck.Accutane is a very "2 steps forward, 1 step back" process, but you should notice significant improvement come month 4-6.

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