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Three days later...



It tends to be difficult for me to keep track of how long I have actually been on a regime. I tend to think I've been on one for forever, and it has only been a week or two. It has been three days, according to my last blog post, since this regime. I am happy to report that I have seen good improvement in this time frame. My forehead has one superficial whitehead, chin clear, nose clear, left cheek has I think two pimples (super small, superficial). It's the right side that has been giving me difficulty lately. I have four under the skin pimples that are being extremely stubborn. They are not very big and not too terribly red, but they are there and they are not leaving in a hurry. Even so, I have seen improvement even in these problem areas.

Overall redness has reduced. Active acne has cleared some.

Skin seems to be normal- not overly dry from regime. I am thankful for this.

Yesterday I steamed my face with green tea then wiped my face down with the tea bag as it was still hot. This gave my skin a lovely glow. I plan on repeating the process in a few days.

I'm still taking calcium bentonite clay internally twice daily. About 1 to 2 tablespoons each time, though I don't always take it on an empty stomach. This morning I had it mixed with a breakfast smoothie. It mixed well and I could only taste it if I was trying to detect it. Tonight I mixed it with orange juice as is normal now.

Also doing the calcium bentonite clay mask once every night. I leave it on for 5-10 minutes as my skin is sensitive. So far, it has not dried my skin out. The past two nights I have added a few drops of tea tree oil for extra anti-bacterial properties. Tea tree has always been good to me.

Washing with dove. It helps with pimples as well as redness. Washing skin super gently and patting dry. No rubbing.

I have seen definite improvement. No new pimples, only working on ridding the ones I already had. Good start :think: Am almost scared to be hopeful lol

P.S. I have been off of foundation for a good while now, only using a tinted zinc cream for a little healthy coverage. the other day I tried using a mineral powder foundation. I did not get much more coverage out of it and, by the end of the day, my face was oily and I had a couple new pimples. I'm truly starting to think I'm so sensitive my face can't handle a speck of makeup. I just washed my foundation brush, maybe I'll just buy a whole new one. Thinking of a tinted moisterizer + spf for the summer.


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