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Day 1



To start off, I'm a seventeen-year-old girl. I try to eat well, but I could exercise more. I'm not lazy, I just don't have a specific workout routine. Anyway, I had good skin until about the age of fourteen. Until then, I had minor blackheads on my nose. Today, my face is covered in deep whiteheads that eventually develop into pussy zits. The whiteheads are my worst problem, with blackheads still on my nose. I get zits less often, but when they occur, they are on my chin and jaw line. I used to never get zits on my cheeks, but this has been happening more often as of late, possibly due to the stress of my last semester of high school. I'm not really sure.

Anyway, I went to my first dermatologist appointment today. Long overdue, I know. :think: She perscribed Doryx once a day and Ziana every other night until my skin can tolerate applying it every night. I'm really hoping for improvement and read a few blogs that sounded like this might bring results. I'll try to update once a week with pictures. I'll add a picture of my skin starting out, too, so results (if any) can be seen. I've already used both products today. My experience with the Doryx went fine. My dermatologist said to take the first few doses with food to avoid feeling ill. It seemed to be good advice; I only felt slightly dizzy, but only for a minute. I'll post how I feel taking it without food when I get to that point.

As for the Ziana, I feel as though it might actually do something, which I've never really thought capable of a topical cream or gel. I washed my face with a scentless, mild soap (after washing with salicylic acid washes for years) and applied the recommended amount. The paper my dermatologist gave me said I should wait thirty minutes after washing my face before applying, but I totally forgot. -.- It didn't burn anymore than my usual treatments, though, so it should be okay. My skin was a little red after, but I was comfortable.

I know this post was really long, but I thought I would give some background information and be thorough so people could try to relate or make a better decision, but the next won't need to be as long, I promise! XD Wish me luck, and I'll keep you updated. :wall: