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Accutane (Claravis) Blog!



My name is Alexandra and I thought I'd share my experience so far with Claravis treatment.

Quick background on me and my acne; I'm 34yrs old and have had acne since I was about 13, and i have tried almost everything topical, but never tried anyting oral except for antibiotics when the pimples were hurting. This past year It got worse, they were getting bigger and very painful.

My regular doctor recommended I go on Accutane, and so he sent me to a Dermatologist he knew and as soon as the dermatologist saw my face, he said i only had one option to completely clear my face and that was Accutane (Claravis). I was told that nothing over the counter or topical would clear my acne, he called it Nodular Acne.

So I am on week 6 (out of 24 week treatment), but i'll quickly tell you what my 1st month was like. The first month was a breeze, and not because it takes time to "kick in" because after the first week, my skin showed significant improvement. I was told dry lips and sensitive skin would happen often and it did, but nothing to crazy.

Week 5 and 6, well it's getting a bit worse, my lips are so dry (if anyone has any good chapstick to recommend, please do!), my skin is very dry, flaky and i didnt realize how sensitive my skin was until i went for an eyebrow wax, a layer of my skin was peeled and was red for 2 days, now it's in the dry scabby stage.So i have to find an alternative for my eyebrows.

I'm not depressed, more excited and hopeful that i will have clear skin.

And I have had ONLY 1 BREAKOUT in the time i have been on Claravis!!!!


For dry lips Aquafor lip repair... you'll love it! trust me.. and is really good!Waxing! didn't they warn you about the waxing???? waxing is a HUGE NO when on Accutane... I'm going to miss my bikini waxes :- .... anyway try threading for the eyebrows.. is safe and just as painful or less than waxing... do NOT wax! no no no no... no laser treatments, no nothing to your skin, no sun, no microdermabrasion, etc..... hope this helps

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Thank you for the Lip recommendation, I would have to say that the dry lip is the worst right now. The doctor did not mention waxing, but he did mention sensitive to the sun, i should have put two and two together where sun=heat=no wax lol I will never wax again!

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I have been using vaseline on my lips i got a small tube from shoppers and i keep it with me all the time. I went to the doctors and he said have you stopped your medication!?! because he saw that my lips are not dry at all. They are actually super moist? i guess haha because i never leave them with nothing on them. Also if i forget my vaseline i have a stick of burts bees lip chap for backup :-

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