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Giving Up



On Max Clarity that is. Since before April 25 I haven't used the MC benzoyl peroxide, and about two weeks ago I bought Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser to use instead of the MC BP foaming body wash. I called MC again today to find out where the FUCK my order is and they said they aren't shipping out new orders and will issue me a refund of my $26! Which I have yet to receive. Tonight, I'm going to just phase it out completely. I'll try using witch hazel again. The thing is, my skin is great. Besides red marks, I have had no new pimples, and even the red marks are fading with the help of vaseline. Maybe all I needed was a couple months on Max Clarity to get it back to normal. Or maybe my acne-prone skin just ran its course.

I've got a groupon for a facial and a groupon for a microdermabrasion treatment, so I'll be doing those in the next three weeks. I finished ALL my work for college today! Period! I'm graduating on Friday, and then leaving for the Army eighteen days after that. I am beyond excited. I will make an effort to post pictures of my skin before and after the microdermabrasion and the facial.