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Day 15! Vitamin B12




This past week has been so nuts, I've been so busy, and when I haven't been busy I wanted to update but the wifi wasn't working at my parents house so I gave up early.

Anyway, I am back at my apartment now because I started summer school today.

To report; I have a couple little tiny breakouts. These are the kind I've never gotten in my life before. Maybe it's the onset of the anticipated breakout episode, but until my face gets worse, there is no way of knowing for sure.

My appetite is still high, though not as high as it was before because I'm learning how to properly feed myself so that I'm not eating 'empty carbs'. Luckily I'm not craving crap food, I wake up in the morning craving steak with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables with herbs....oh wow! I really need to be careful as I don't want to put on too much weight. I am not exercising at all because it's dangerous to do so while on Accutane. I will ask my doctor about this after my first month's blood test results. Only then will they know exactly what's going on with me just as I am, and whether there is safe room for me to exercise. I hope so because I like working out and going in the steam room!

Well last week when I was at my parent's house my family doctor called and wanted to see me to go over my blood test results. I felt sooooooo sick to my stomach about this. Firstly, my dermatologist had already gone over the blood test results and told me that my iron was only a little low, and he was the one that prescribed the Accutane. Well anyway, I was able to see the family doctor the next day and she asked me what was going on because she never ordered blood tests. So I explained to her that my derm put me on Accutane and ordered blood tests before I start the pills. I told her that I even saw him about the results, so I'm really nervous about what she has to say lol. She told me her concern was that she wasn't the one who ordered them, despite her name being beside the 'ordering physician' label on the blood test. Weird.

Then she tells me she is concerned because my Vitamin B12 is lower than she'd like it to be. It's at 133, which is low-normal (or something like that) and she wants me to start taking Vitamin B12 pills everyday. I got her approval to do this with Accutane, and she even told me she did a study on Accutane and pregnancy. She said not to get pregnant while on Accutane because the effects on the baby, if they are permitted to be born even, are very devastating. I can't believe some women actually go through their pregnancy while on Accutane... on my pill packet there is a picture of a pregnant stick figure that has a red circle with a diagonal cross over it. Kind of like a no-smoking sign, but instead of a cigarette it's a pregnant girl. Jeez.

Anyway, so I asked her what could happen with having low B12 and she said it helps with the nervous system, and when it's low I could experience tingling in my legs and feel light-headed and could possibly turn into anemia if I don't do anything about it. She mentioned B12 shots but said to start off with these vitamins first.

Well, this whole low B12 thing really got me nervous. I did research on it, and sure enough, having persistent low B12 levels can lead to permanent nerve damage. So now I'm scared! Because after going over the symptoms (being pale, hair falling out, tingling feeling, tired all the time, unbalanced, light-headed, out of breath quickly) I realized I have EVERY single one, and now I'm scared that I might have incurred nerve damage somewhere already. The reason why I think this is because my feet are ALWAYS tingly and freezing cold. I could go out barefoot on hot concrete laying out in the sun and my feet will still be freezing cold. Is that permanent nerve damage already? My feet are so cold to the point that they hurt.

I'm glad that I know all of this and it certainly explains why I've been feeling the way I have for a while. Now I'm taking these vitamins everyday and eating spinach as a salad hoping that will help with something.

Back to the Accutane, my joints are 'cracking' a lot more when I bend. My knees for example, make a sound when I bend, my wrists. Sometimes it's associated with this light pressure that I feel like I need to pop. I've had this before Accutane but I'm just paying attention to it more now because it feels like it's either a) happening more often, b) I'm so paranoid.

The update with my pictures is still coming. I took a lot of pictures, and now I need to organize them by day properly and will post something. I'd like to post a before, week 1 and 2 pictures to do a short comparison of any differences with my face.

Well, when I was making my mind up about Accutane and reading other people's blogs I noticed it was annoying when they would talk about a specific pimple somewhere, and what seemed like hourly updates on them, so I won't do that here as I found it quite boring lol when I read it.

As a whole, everything is same old. This might sound mental but I don't think I see a difference, yet I 'feel' clearer. I mean, that's just nuts, but also relates to how I haven't had any big noticeable breakouts since starting Accutane. Lips are dry, it was brutal sitting 2 hours in class with no lip balm! My face is noticeably dryer, tiny white flakes (I would lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve to exfoliate!!) no matter how nicely I put on my face moisturizer.

Oh! I was going to finish but just remembered. I am seeing a big difference with my back. I have back acne, backne?, and now I'm super breaking out there. I haven't been taking pictures of my back but wish I did so I could compare the dramatic difference. Big breakouts that I seem to want to itch. Maybe the Accutane is starting to have an effect on my back before it does on my face?

Who knows, anyway I will keep in touch. My pattern is all ruined because I'm updating on an odd day (well technically I haven't taken my day 15 pill yet so it could still be considered day 14) but that's okay, I don't mind sharing more. :think:

Take Care!


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