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I'm on my third week of my second pack of Yasmin, and the good news is that I haven't had any new breakouts at all- which is pretty amazing. What's really frustrating, though is the few stubborn bumps that refuse to go away. They're very shallow, red inflamed bumps- not that big or anything, but still, they just won't clear up. Just when they seem to be slowly healing, one of them will swell back up into a bump. It usually go's back down after a few days, then another one swells up, like Whack -a- Mole.

I'm back to using Proactive, with the refining mask and Green tea moisturizer, plus Differin. I thought maybe the exfoliant in the cleanser would help the stubborn bumps. I'll just have to wait and see if this works- here we go again. I must say, that when I use Proactive, my skin at least feels sooooo clean and fresh.

I'm considering something new, though, if I'm not clear in a month or two. I'm thinking Retin A (although I don't think the Differin is doing anything) or even Accutane. I just want to knock out this last bit of acne for good! :think: