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May 16



New week! I'm actually really sleepy. I'm almost falling asleep. I went to my TBC class today. It was ok. I did a lot of running and jump roping. So at least I'm getting back on track. I didn't have too much trouble getting up at 5a.m. My body, especially legs are realy sore.

My face: Well I only have one small pimple near my temple (under my hair line). Jeez if I close my eyes, I will sleep!!! My ok, with my face. I say ok, because I still have to deal with the red scars. Plus, on one of my cheek ...there is a red mark.!!!!!!! I just hope it doesn't scar. I NEVER touched it, nor popped it. I'm still taking my med and using retin a daily...I kinda at time take a break from it on weekends.

I have a pimple under the skin on my chin......but it seemed to go down since yesterday.....which I'm happy about.

The one on the corner of my is gone down too. I think I might have applied the ret gel too close to my mouth... I have a red corner.

I just wish I didn't have any scars. :think: