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Day 115



I found one interesting product today which I had to buy :wall: "Nivea Soft, refreshingly soft moisturizing cream with Jojoba oil & Vitamin E". Sounds good to me after reading about jojoba oil.

I haven't used that zink cream for a while because i think it's so thick and doesn't let my pores breath enough, and because it contains cera alba it creates like a "membrane" on face after drying. But I put it sometimes on some recent red marks. I cant really tell if it has helped.

And last week I bought some effervescent tablets with all of the Vitamin B's, vitamins C & E, magnesium, zink and selenium. Yeah it might be it's worthless but at least it wont make me break out more.

But my skin is doing pretty good except for all the blemishes... okay i gotta be honest, i fucking hate the appearance of it EVEN it is somewhat better than 6 months ago :think:

ps. im fresh godfather..