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Day 10



Feel quite proud to have reached 10 days of eliminating all grains from my diet without caving once. My skin is still good, strong looking and spot free, apart from a couple that popped up over the weekend, but considering I got my period on Saturday this is hardly surprising - hormonal for sure. They were very small and easy to deal with as well, just pus filled blisters more than angry inflamed painful pimples, and they literally cleared within 24 hrs.

Healthwise I am feeling good - asthma settled, clear nose again (although slightly blocked on one side). My period arrived with an absence of pain apart from when it initially came in. It's like I came on strong and on Saturday night I felt knackered, drained and crampy, but as soon as it started these symptoms went away and now I am back to fully charged again. Normally I feel crappy throughout my period, so perhaps this effect is gluten related as well? Sorry if this is all to much information for you guys!

So all in all good. My marks and hyperpigmentation are fading fast - if this continues I will have completely blemish free skin in a matter of weeks, which will be first for me :think: