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TWO MONTHS IN!!!- "improving rapidly" :)



So here is the report on weeks 7 & 8! I hit the 2 month mark yesterday! Hard to think I still have 4 whole months to go!!!


Amazing!!! to quote one of my friends," your face is improving rapidly!" Lots of those kinds of comments! the general texture of my face has improved by about 80%!!!its incredible! :think: Of course i still have some big ones that pop out on the regular but they seems to go as quickly as they come! for example, i had a big white head one my right cheek yesterday but this morning its virtually disappeared! but i try not to focus on these and obsess. and i generally refrain from squeezing any of them! dnt want to make my battle to remove the scars later any tougher than it already will be!

I am generally happy with my face! Now when i put foundation it makes a huge diff and i look almost flawless!!! heee heee! unlike before, covering up that "rough" skin surface was impossible! even when i wash my face, it does feel like a stretch of gravel texture-wise anymore! there is a lot of smoothness and some bumps.

Side effects


My body is very dry! skin is ashy after a shower! hands peel and are super dry after i do the dishes! I have upped my moisturising and combined my aloe vera cream with vitamin E oil. This feels great and makes a good lasting moisturiser! Also invested in some hand cream. My Exfoliac cream is wonderful for my face! no peeling on my face! so after a wash my super dry face gets instant effective relief!

Nasal Passage

No nose bleeds as yet. I hope it stays this way. But i occasionally put some vaseline in my nasal passage if it feels very dry.


My eyes are not sore and dry anymore and only put in the eyes drops after a reall long day of reading or looking at the laptop screen!


My lips are a constant management point for me. I have DCT's EVERYWHERE; from my gym bag, to my pencil case, to my handbag and my bathroom! its great! and the bepanthene is my General in the army fighting for my lips! i slather it on at night and again when i go to bed and if i wake up at night i put more on! its super stuff! so two months in and no lips cracking or bleeding and peeling horribly. they seems slightly pinker and a bit swollen sometimes but nothing i cant handle so far. :wall:


I feel much more emotionally stable and im just trying to stay strong and it helps that i can see this huge improvement 2 months in already!!!! imagine 4 months from now!!! that's all i can think!!!


Still struggling to wake up!!! its horrible! even if i go to bed by 10pm its still hard to get out of bed and get moving in the morning! i can even be dead asleep til 10pm without stirring! :lol: wish there was a solution to that?! anyone out there know what im talking abt? or am i alone on this one????

Anyhoo, that the update! My doc appointment and check in is after the 3rd month so will be going in after this month is through!!!! ;)

Any questions or comments feel free to holler! :D


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