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first week



So a little bit to update, although I'm not changing the layout of my regime;

Went to this place my mum goes to often, to get my lip waxed on the weekend (and yes, yes, I know. waxing facial hair when you've got acne is NOT the brightest idea but the lady/therapist who is my regular there said my skin seems to cope fine with it, so I do keep going there.).

Pretty much as soon as I got there, my therapist asked me about my skin and what I was doing to help it. I explained my regime to her, and she then suggested I try Dermalogica products - which of course, is conveniently the brand they sell at this place). :think:

After a full sales pitch and also 'face-mapping' to see what was wrong with my skin, (which was dehydrated all over apparently - not surprising with the BP but I kicked up the level of moisturiser I'm using now, and drinking EVEN MORE water too. paranoid? probably) I told her I didn't really want to invest in a whole new system. I asked her what one thing I should add to help overall instead, and she recommended this flaxseedoil supplement, Bestow Beauty oil.

SO to get her off my back/try this, because really I like the idea of natural supplements rather than chemical/topical treatments, I bought a bottle. One table spoon a day, starting today. I'll keep up posting results from that too.

xx Sophie