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My first 4 days



So I’ve battled with acne pretty much since I was 15. Spots have been the bane of my life on my face and body. I've tried not to let it get me down but it’s hard when they are painful and visible from every reflective surface (does this make me sound vain?).

I've tried every possible treatment - creams, antibiotics, contraceptives; the list goes on. Part of my problem is my PCOS which means that my hormones are pretty crazy.

Eventually I was referred to a dermatologist to get Isotretinoin. After managing to get time off work (not easy when you are meant to be in charge of 30 children), visiting the practice 3 times, skin examinations, doing a pregnancy test, and having a long winded (and unnecessary) consultation with a pharmacist i have now been given the drug! Whoooop!

I pretty much felt the effects a couple of hours later - the headache began. Now I’m not a big water drinker - this is probably the problem. I'm now making a conscious effort to keep hydrated. My skin isn't looking too bad. 'The dreaded break-out' isn't here but the dry skin certainly is- now treated myself to some nice lip balms and moisturisers. My stomach, however, has never been so painful... severe cramps in my stomach and I’m guessing intestine region. My eating has reduced but I’m sure this won’t last. I've been hot and cold - but i'm not sure if i can blame the drug or the fact that i tried to have a BBQ in the rain whilst being made to watch eurovision (i had no wish to watch it in the slightest!).

I’ve never written a blog before – not sure if it’s going to last the whole 6+months but it’s good to track the progress I guess. And it would be good to have the support from other 'users'... is that a bit of a druggie-term?...