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The Acne Stigma



"Mommy look at that lady!"

I overheard a little girl say this as she looked at me in Walmart the other day. Now, my skin has been looking pretty good- when I have my makeup on it's not that bad. But before I realized that she was checking me out 'cause I was all dressed up to go out, I felt that "acne paranoia"...I had flashbacks to when I was 14 years old, and my skin was bad- I mean bad...no, no- worse than that. I remember using all kinds of things on my skin that just burned it and dried it out. Every morning I would look in the mirror at my flaky, acne riddled skin and just want to cry. I didn't want to face the world.

I don't think people who have never dealt with acne will ever understand the feeling- hopelessness, despair; wanting so badly to have clear skin, something most people take for granted. Wishing to not have to slather on makeup to go to the mailbox. I always wonder if I would be a more confident person had I not suffered from severe acne during my formative, teenage years.

Sites like this one didn't exist yet when I was a teen, but I think they are such a help in dealing with the phsycological aspect of acne. It's nice to have support and know your not the only one. We're all in this together!!! lol