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Clare M.


I woke up today (my day off) and decided to forgo makeup today. I avoided mirrors all day and stayed inside to study. I could feel my skin was terrible and forced myself to look in the mirror. I wanted to cry. 2 small pustules on my right cheek (usually my clear side). A large pustule on the end of my left eyebrow. Whiteheads scattered across my left cheek and forehead. Pustules on my chin. This is definitely a breakout. I don't know if I should link it to my period coming next week or an initial breakout due to the duac and differin. I'm leaning towards the duac and differin because I never have too much of a breakout due to my period. God, I'm so sad about this. I don't even want to go out in public. I just want my skin to heal and clear. I don't know what to do. Bleh.