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May 14



So I guess I spoke too soon. It litterally felt like 30 min or so after I had written my blog yesterday when I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed a particularly red spot on my right cheek, I lifted my fingers to feel it and sure enough there was a tiny bump, and I knew it was going to turn into a pimple :wall:

So I mixed a small amount more of emu oil in with my moisturizer (which did cause me to have slightly oily looking skin, but it wasn't a big deal), and then at night I globed emu oil over the sucker and while I slept. This morning it is still a bit red, but it has come to head and I think will heal quickly.

Ive been really good about picking lately. I admit I've had to stop myself as I sometimes start doing it without thinking about it, but I havn't cause any damage in a while. The pimples I mentioned were healing yesterday are stilll healing, but are still pretty red so I know they're going to leave a mark ;) I'm pretty sure almost every pimple I get leaves a mark, it's so frustrating :think:

But today I'm still feeling positive. I've been going to the gym very consistently lately and it's deffinitly giving me a better mood and attitude overall.

I'll report soon!