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Help Me Get Rid of My Acne PLEASEEEEE !



Ok so im a 17 year old guy, im in shape, and have fair skin. didnt have much acne at all last summer and probably took it for granted, since this winter I started breaking out heavily. I would get cysts on my chin, jawline and the sides of my face. Its weird however it seeems like i dont get much or any at all on my nose or the direct part of my face ha. where my sideburns would be is were i brokeout heavily and now their is alot of scarring their, my jawline and chin is also starting to scar and breakout with the deep cyst like acne it sucks and they take forever to go away..my back is terrible but im not worried about tht anyway right now. this all really screwed up my life and my head i need to stop this stuff.

so to what im currently using.

i recently went to a doctor (not rely a dermatoloigist.) and got perscribed benzoyl peroxide to use in the morn, and retin a for night. i also got a pill for the bacteria its not accutane or anything i relly question if it even has any effect on anything.

this stuff started out good then i got a breakout i let it pass cause i heard their could be an initial breakout. then my skin recovered after about 2 weeks it seemed like i had no live pimples just the scars still, things were goin good and i was happy .. until about the second week of being semi clear than it broke out like hell, it sucks and thats were im currently at now. i got cysts back were the scars were on the side of my face, and then along my jawline with whiteheads on my chin.

all the meds im using topically just peel my face and make it red im questioning if their even worth it.

i want to get rid of this stuff so bad i even changed my diet. i stopped drinking milk , ice cream and most dairy except some cheese usually on sandwichs. it seems pizza rely breaks me out and that is like my favorite thing ever and ive stopped eating it completely so that shows my commitment.

I take a fish oil pill, calcium, and have a fiber 3 mixed drink every morning if this has any effect let me know

it sucks so much cause i felt like this was on its way to healing and this was a huge setback. its been about 6 weeks on the bp retin a and pill thing please tell me your thoughts on this and where you think i should be at. ANY OTHER ADVICE WOULD BE GREAETLY APPRECIATED. IF IT SOUNDS LIKE IM DOIN SOMETHING WRONG OR YOU HAVE TIPS PLEASE RESOPOND. this stuff has got me down so bad i cant let it break me i know im gonna find a way through this please helppp. no one should have to deal with this. by the way my skin is pretty bad sorry no pictures but i wouldnt be wining about a few pimples, i wouldnt care.

Thanks so much, and please help im up to try anything !