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The Regimen, Day One



This is my first day on The Regimen. Well, night really. I received the box with my whole kit in it late this afternoon, and didn't want to waste any time in getting started. I already started taking Vitamin E, and a Zinc, Manganese, Calcium pill before seeing this website, and have added in the fish oil, and D3 since.

My skin was relatively normal for a teenager before moving to Seattle. I feel like once I moved up to the Northwest, my skin got infinitely worse. The problem is, I always thought that it was normal to have such horrible skin at my age. It started getting really bad when I was about seventeen. I am now nineteen, and my skin is worse than it has ever been. You name it, its on my face. For the most part, my acne has transformed in to the super red, no whitehead, lots of bumpiness kind of acne that just makes my skin look horrible. And I'm a relatively healthy eater, very active (albeit overworked and stressed out) but my skin remains in terrible shape.

I honestly can't believe I didn't find this site sooner. I'm tired of my skin being unsightly and annoyingly painful. After seeing all the success stories, I'm really crossing my fingers and hoping this works for me...