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Clare M.


This is my 11th day on Duac and Differin. Skin is itchy, especially my forehead and above my eyebrows. My skin looks dull and flakes if I apply too much of the medications the night before. I might be having an initial breakout or a breakout due to my period coming next week. Clogged pores and a couple of small, not yet formed pimples on my cheeks next to my nose. I'm not going to touch them. My forehead has tons of tiny bumps, none of them having a whitehead - they are more like clogged pores. My chin area is feeling a little bumpy and is probably going to break out soon. Overall, I'm not feeling too great about my skin. It itches, feels dry, and I feel papules coming under the skin but haven't developed yet. I just would like these medications to start working asap. Skin rating: 2/10

This is what I'm doing:

Wash with Mary Kay Oil Free Cleanser

Tone with Mary Kay Toner

Apply a small amount of Duac to entire face

Wait 10 minutes

Apply a small amount of Differin to entire face

Wait 10 minutes

Apply Mary Kay Timewise moisturizer

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Hi, you are literally describing my face to me. Crazy the similarities I'm experiencing with Differin/Duac.

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