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Day 8



Today my skin seems better, but there's still a lot of oil compared to a normal person's skin. The current infections are beginning to dry up and only a couple new zits have erupted. I can't wait until this stuff starts working to its full potential.

My migraines have subsided and I can now sleep much better, though I still am experiencing a bit of insomnia. Each time I fall asleep, though, I can only describe it as a coma; I'm sleeping intensely, no waking, but I still dream my typical, vivid dreams.

My face is a bit itchy, so I'll find myself twisting my face into weird expressions in order to satiate the nervous itch.

I've always had trouble with my knees aching; the pain is sometimes unbearable, but it seldom occurs. My left knee has been aching this evening. It's a new ache. It's different. I have a impressive pain tolerance, so I'm sure this will prove to be a small issue. I refuse to take medication for it, so I hope it will wane so that I may sleep tonight.

My muscles feel fragile, like they might rip if I'm too rough on them.

Concerning, I guess.


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