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Day 1



So I took I this morning 40mg of isotretinoin. I went to bed (I worked last night) and woke up.. no difference (obviously)...

well... I have this huge zti on my left cheek that when I washed my face before bed it hurt a lot! when I woke up (yes is still there) but it doesn't hurt as much and it feels like is 'dying'... maybe is just my imagination lol

It will probably be a few days before I see any side effects and a few weeks before I see any effects...

I hope this works... this is my last hope....

I have the neutrogena sunblock that I use for now until my face can't take it anymore then I might change for something else. I have to go get a female treamer and shower gel. Lotions I have tons! and lip balm I have the best Eucerin.... we'll see...