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Note to self: Do not pick or pop... Day 112



Trying to remember that. It's hard!!!!

Situation: One big brewing in the middle of my left cheek, one white head right next to my left eye (but it's seems like an easy case), some blackheads coming up and one tiny white head on my chin.

In fact I didn't even remember what it feels like to get new pimples over night, so I guess there's really happened some improvement.

I really am scared of that permanent blushing/flushing what accutane can cause.. Though my skin isn't so sensitive and i'm that kind of person who get's tanned easily and never get burned in sun.. Or at least I WAS, dont know how much accutane has changed my skin type.

Someone smart said beauty is pain. Yeah, that is a fact you WILL notice going throu accutane.

38 pills left, if i keep taking 20mg a day that will last for the end of june, (yeah, i dropped down to 20mg two weeks ago) ... And with 40mg that'll do 19 more days.

And if I need more pills I just gotta call my derm.

Almost there!