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PUFAs and acne



Polyunsaturated fatty acids

I will be exploring any connection between PUFAs [Polyunsaturated fatty acids] and my skin.

I doubt there is one but i will see anyway.

I just finished off my B&Js which had some vegetable oil in it for some reason so i will be truely PUFA free as of today. I've barely had any for a few weeks but i realised i had to completley remove them to actually make any judgements, this means no cod liver oil too even if it is the wonderous omega 3 and not 6's.

Going to be mainly Saturated fat for a while now which probably will end up giving me an heart attack even though the Paelo crew get such a boner over it.

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Yeah seems more and more people aren't feeling the love for the once "healthy" veggie oils any more. Maybe soon I will stop getting weird looks when I go on about how awful pufas are.

In my case i'm not actually sure if they make any difference or not to me, i'm not actually sure that acne even has anything to do with eating "right" or not, you can probably tell from my haphazard ramblings that I don't really have a clue what is going on.

Well done if you have made a link, it's easier said than done, hopefully a piece of the puzzle towards clear skin [if you haven't already]. From your name i'm guessing you're a she so it could be the hormonal connection as well as/rather than the PUFA thing, things like phytoestrogens seem to affect us differently. I guess the whys don't really matter as long as you know what to avoid.

At least flax is nasty anyway. It usually seems to be the most tasty things that cause the damage. Those evil crisps and chips, tempting us all with their tasty flavours!

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