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I have been exploring the possibility that i ahve some kind of gluten intolerance. Apart from a possible acne connection there is also the digestive one and possibly a neuropathical one too.

The more i mess around with diet the more i lean towards a realisation that maybe my digestive problems and skin problems are not actually linked after all. I want to try the gluten free thing anyway just to eliminate it if nothing else.

I have hardly eaten any gluten for a good few weeks now but i have been actual gluten free since the 1st of May now.


I should note that this coincides with my bad spell of gastroenteritis so any observations could be coincedental and therfore i may have to wait a bit longer before reaching any conclusions.

My observations so far


No difference to my skin. Seems to be as per usual.

I have grown my stubble out which usually results in a very itchy rash type thing but this time it didn't. May be coincedental, may be linked to the effects of the gastroenteritis. I suppose i will have to shave a couple of times and grow it out before reaching any definite conclusions.

GI [gastrointestinal]

So far not much difference digestion wise. Not had any real bloating for a while.

Still belching and heartburn. If anything the heartburn is getting worse. WTF. Less farting for some reason.

BUT there is a difference with bowel movements [shitting] Because of he close proximity to my gastroenteritis and whatever it did to my guts i cant really no for sure iof its the eilimation of gluten or not. But. My shits have definatley firmed up significantly and are much harder than usual. Usually i do sloppy joe type ones that are a bit messy and a lot smelly but now they are harder and less smelly and require little if no wiping.

Like i said i will have to continue before reaching any conclusions. This may just be a temporary result of the gastroenteritis.


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