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Day 7



Didn't post yesterday cos I couldn't be arsed, but all in all it was a good day, with no new breakouts and my skin looking stronger and stronger. I was sneezing alot all day though, with what felt alot like allergic rhinitis, which I thought could perhaps be a healing crisis of some sort.

Anyway, today I am much the same, still a little stuffed up nasally, but not as bad as yesterday. Skin is looking great! I have not felt the need to squeeze any blocked pores either which is a minor miracle for me as normally I can go 3/4 days and i see *something* I need to squeeze, usually on my nose, but my pores are pretty diminished and clog free and I really have no desire or need to attack anything - joy!

Not finding not being able to eat grains of any sort a problem either - had quinoa last night with my curry while my fella had brown rice, and i felt great about it. Normally on rice i get kinda sluggish but quinoa is a really light but filling meal and if anything you feel more energetic after you've eaten.

Missing bread and biscuits a bit, but am just going to go and buy myself some green and blacks organic dark chocolate instead as a treat - there are ways to compensate on an elimination diet so you don't feel too deprived for not being able to eat things you used to love!