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Day 68 - Accutane (Claravis)



What's new: Couple small pimples on the chin otherwise clear. Still very tired. Very small rash on arms, not every day.

My face: A few days a go the tip of my nose was dry - I had a hard layer of skin that peeled off. And then my chin was the same way. So not flaky, just a small layer of skin came off. But that was just one day. Put aquaphor on both places and healed right away. Otherwise, for the past week, I'll have a couple very small pimpls, on and off. So everything is still good for my face.

Everything else: Still very tired in the afternoon. I was at a large client meeting yesterday afternoon from 1-2:30, and I was very scared I was going to fall asleep or at least look like I was drained and/or bored. Not good. But, I just have to remember to eat a bigger lunch and maybe have a cup of coffee before any events like that. I've had some very light red little rashes on my forearms, but nothing crazy. Again, they don't hurt and you can't see it unless you look very closely. So, that doesn't bother me. Still moisturizing my arms every night. I also get out of breath a lot easier (when I go on runs, when I walk upstairs, etc.). Just something to note.

That's all. Hope things are going well for everyone else. Days seem to be going by pretty fast.


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