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Day 42



Kenzi Jibba Jabber and Venting:

I am sick :/ I skipped soccer today because I'm sick. My mom thinks I'm just tired :think: she never believes that I'm sick when I tell her I'm sick. Don't you hate that?! I do. So when I said I wasn't going to soccer she said "what a waste of money" Its like holy crap I'm missing one day because my throut hurts soooooo bad and I cough every so often. Give me a break! Even in p.e. I was coughing up a storm but of coarse I guess I just have to be tough and deal with it. I'm also being forced to go to school tomorrow. Great.

I found out that 'tane stays in your system for 30 days so I was fine without being on the pills for about a week. My skin is not dry after skipping that many days of not taking the pill, I love NOT having dry skin. It is my love!

Skin: Not dry woohoo!

Acne: Had a small breakout on the skin by both my ears and along my hairline but know the acne in those places are barely noticeable. I have blackheads on my nose but on my chin the blackheads are almost gone. Overall my face is almost acne free! My chest has NO acne on it now!!!

Bacne: I think I had a mini breakout on my back. I have so many blackheads on my upper back/soldiers. No more new zits but the breakout never went away :wall: So... my upperback and soldiers have blackheads and sometimes pimples. GRR.


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