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fair to say my last attempt at keeping a blog was dismal, so here's hoping the fact that my last post was 2 years ago won't impact me too badly..

Tried a ridiculous amount of treatments since then, which no doubt my skin will be LOVING me for. Mostly natural remedies, as I didn't want to kill my skin off with harsh chemicals. ACV, BP, baking soda, OCM with EVOO for a while (which was just a nightmare..oh god. Just remembering it..), not to mention drinking huge amounts of water and green tea.

I sometimes think that people who have never suffered through acne must think we're insane, I know my sister must do, seeing the look on her face when she sees me sneaking from the kitchen to the bathroom with small bowls of oil and vinegar..

So here it is, anyway. My acne is moderate, was getting better for a while there until I tried OCM again (disastrous). Seriously considering going to the dermatologist (some people might shout "WHY HAVEN'T YOU DONE THIS YET, but not all of us have money going spare to get consultation :think: ). I've been taking days off university here and there because sometimes, I just can't face people I know. I've found I can almost cope when it's complete strangers who look at me funny or avoid eye contact..but friends staring or trying extra hard not to mention it, I just can't cope with.

Here's to me keeping on track now, going to start a regime properly this time.


- wash face with neutrogena Acne Stress wash (w/ salicylic acid)

- ACV/water as toner

- 4% BP (^^all done gently as possible, following tips from Dan's regime)


- Wash face with Lancome gentle milk cleanser

- ACV/water toner

- 4%BP

drinking only water and green tea, 4l water and about 3 cups of green tea per day.

Wish me luck.


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