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Got the prescription today!



Finally, a month went by since my last appointment with my doctor... I went to his office today for another pregnancy test, liver function test results and my prescription! :think:

Pregnancy test negative of course... but I knew that...

LFT... well he said they were in the high side (borderline) he is not to concern but if they get elevated we'll have to stop the isotretinoin. I got a little scare... I mean I am a nurse and I know my diet is not THAT bad to have elevated triglycerides or elevated liver enzymes... they were both very sligthy high... I didn't ask for a number... I really didn't wanna know... for now is a GO! :wall: he said he is not concern...

So I went home, prescription in hand... I couldn't take it to the pharmacy because I had to go online and answer the questions first. So tomorrow or Friday (I am working tonight and thursday night) I'll go to drop it off! and hopefully by Friday or saturday I'll stat taking it.... is kind of exciting!

I still have to go to Target, Walmart or Walgreens to get the sunblock... any suggestions.. I have really oily skin so I need a non-sticky one... for my face I've used neutrogena before and I like it because is dry and non-sticky. but for my body.. not sure.. I'd use neutrogena but is kind of pricey and to put it on my body can cost e a fotune LOL... but if that's the best suggestion oh well...

So any suggestions for sunblock???? please???

As for shower gel.. I need to buy some anyway, I was planning on getting the new Dove. My body has dry skin except for my back (of course). What do you think? How about lotion? I use bath and body works will that be enough???

As for chapstick I already gor Eucerin and love it!

Suggestions please since I have to go this weekend,.... Thanks friends I think you are the only ones who really understand this whole thing... my mom doesn't agree with me going on isotretinoin and my boyfriend is supportive but I don't think he really gets it...

Thanks AgAIN!

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HiI wouldnt recommend any body products that contain sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate. Go for products that are soap free and are genuinely soap free. Also avoid any run off from your hair shampoo on your body. Again, very drying..I have been on the medication 4 times. The worst side effects have been dry lips and peeling ears.Stay hydrated and dont use any other acne preparations on your skin.Hope this helps :-

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