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Day 5



Feeling great this morning, lots of energy - pretty much jumped out of bed and was awake well before the alarm went off. I have noticed that I am sleeping much more deeply, and considering that i had suffered from an extended period of insomnia before i ditched the wheat, that is a really good sign I feel. Hopefully now i have removed all grains my sleep will be further improved and perhaps I will need less of it - sleep that is.

My skin is looking fantastic! No new breakouts at all and I am coming up to my period so that is a minor miracle! It just feels and looks stronger, more toned, has a nice glow to it....I am still healing from last weeks gluten induced breakout, and because i mark very easily (olive skin that scars dark) they will be with me for a while, but they are soooooo much better than they were just a few days ago. Everything looks good on the oil production/clogged pores front too. All in all, it's happy skin and happy dayz :think:

Otherwise I just feel *good* - energy, asthma is very settled, can breathe clearly through both side of nose, although have been sneezing a fair bit this morning. Last night I had a bit of a background headache and often when i go to bed with an aching head, i tend to wake up with it the next morning, but it has completely gone in the night.

Yesterday i noticed a big difference when i drank my kefir as well - it was as if it was working on a different level and making my stomach/gut growl and groan, and I had to have a few bowel movements afterwards. I noticed that effect when i frist started drinking it a few years ago, but then it stopped after a while. Now that i have removed grains from my diet it feels like it is having that same effect of repopulating of friendly bacteria in my gut, but to an even greater degree.....

Also, i was getting some joint and bone ache in my left arm that had been there for a few weeks, and that has completely gone. I was starting to think that it was the beginning of some inflammatory rheumatoid condition and I was managing it using honegar (ACV mixed with honey), which was really helping, but now it seems to have completely gone since I have jettisoned the oats.

All in all, I'm feeling *very* positive about going 100% gluten free - wish i had done it years and years ago, my life, my skin and my health would have been totally different. When I think of all the carring - emotional and physical - that I could have avoided, sheesh....well, I guess it doesn't pay to think like that, and i should be grateful that at least I have come to this realisation now age 38, before any nasty gluten induced degenerative disease really took hol, like Rheumatoid arthritis, or Chrons, or the Big C even.....


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