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Day 5



Last night was brutal. The migraines (headache and incredible nausea) coupled with insomnia has been getting worse the last two nights. I called the pharmacy and they said that I could take OTC pain killers with my RX, which I already knew but I was worried about the use of NSAIDs increasing the possibility of gastrointestinal damage. The pharmacist also mentioned that there was an adjustment period of a couple weeks, but if the migraines and insomnia continue that I should contact my doctor and request a possible change in my dosing. Hopefully, I'll be able to sleep tonight. Last night I was up until 3 in the morning; fortunately, I'm on break from college and don't need to necessarily wake up early. I'm also going to start drinking a glass of milk every morning; I read online that calcium can reduce the adverse effects of vitamin A toxicity.

I've also been in hiding for the past few weeks from the public; my face is disgusting. Like I mentioned in my last post, I broke out badly just before I got my paws on my prescription. I can't wait for this stuff to start working. I noticed that my skin is thinning and that I have increased cellular necrosis leading to shedding and flaking. My face is still oily though. I'm not looking forward to the nose bleeds, which I'm sure to get; I had rhinoplasty last summer which left scarring and thin mucous membranes in my nasal cavity. Oi.

My back acne is getting better; I'm hoping that is reflective of the future improvement my arms, chest, trunk, face and neck will soon be experiencing. Maybe.


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