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Hello everyone!

I am new to this site but very interested in what others have to say. I am an african american female with mild acne on my face but mostly on my back. Over the past I've tried several things which some stopped new break outs however the minute I stop using them, the breakouts started up again. My biggest problem is not the breakouts themselves. but the hyperpigmentation (dark scars) they leave behind. Making it embarassing to wear tank tops, dresses, bathing suits etc. So I started Acutane about a month ago. So far so good with the expection of dry skin on the face and extremely chapped lips. both Ive been able to deal with and manage. But Im a little hesitant to continue accutane therapy. Ive read many disturbing stories on here about life after accutane. and I kind of feeling like this may not be worth it. Hair loss, unexplainable joint pain, not being able to get out of bed and walk was the worst. I am 28 and if Ive lived with it this long (since age 12) maybe Ill just love me the way I am and go back to the antibiotics, BP, and other topicals which work temporarily rather than live with a lifetime of serious medical problems. But is it safe to be on and off antibiotics for the rest of my life or til whenever my body decides to stop breaking out??? please help if you have have any advice, or experience about accutane good or bad i would love to hear from you.


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