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May 10 Mexican Mothers Day



Today is Mothers Day in Mexico. I'm having a good morning. I have 2 zits. One on the left hand corner of mouth....its small, but still noticeable. The other also on the left side of cheek. It's hasn't come to head....I'm suspecting it won't and it will just fade away. I fell my pimples heal a lot faster than before.

Anyways, I still have my period....very slight spotting...so light that I was intimiate with my hubby last night. I'm happy and I love him. Its seems were always so busy to be toghether, sometimes we forget to appreciate each other.

O I forgot to mention, that he took my truck today to get it fixed. Plus he took my key to my locker at work, so I won't be able to take my vitamin, fish oil and colon cleanse today!!!!!!!!! uhhhhh. We'll see what happens.

4:00p.m.Okay so I went to Black Wolf Run for lunch....had a $16 plate...tilapia. It was so deleicious all the different flavors. It also had nut squash and hash potatoes cut into squares. My goodness it's the best dish I've ever eaten in terms of the diffent flavors. I savored every bit.

Anyways, I got back and used the bathroom...all morining I was clear.....but this afternoon I was spotting again!!!!!!....browinish light red.....uuhhhhuuhhhhhh. !!!

Plus the zit on the corner of my mouth has come to head. I have to think what I'm eating to cause this small breakout.!!!! I might even stop eating white rice....OMG but it's one of my favorite things.

By the way, I took a shower this morining....and my face has been oily all day. I put the atralin gel this morining. Jsut as long as I'm out of the sun I think I'll be ok. I work all day inside anyway.


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