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Day 4 100% grain free



I have been 100% grain free since Friday 6 May 2011, and I decided that it would be a worthwhile thing to do to track my progress and experiences with completely removing all grains from my diet.

That means avoiding all sources of gluten from:








Sorghum (whatever that is!)

Basically NO grains of any description! Essentially, my thinking now entails the view that grains are only acceptable in a diet if the indivudal eating them has feathers, wings and a beak, and as I have none of those enviable traits, grains are out for me....at least until my next reincarnation :think:

My history is an frustrating one of bad skin since puberty, around 14-15 years ago now, sometimes really bad - not cystic but lots of clogged pores, enough spots to be noticable and the occasional bout of cyctic that I would inevitabley make worse through not being able to leave it alone. I also had a significant number of anitbiotics through childhood, from a really early age (6 months, when I cought pnemonia as an infant), and had subsequent chest infections that I remember being treated with that strawberry or banana flavored stuff. I really believe that all those antiboptics from such an early age are the reason my health ended up being so bad - asthma, allergies, eczema as a child, hayfever - which thankfully I have now mostly outgrown.

I think that disrupting the formation of my natural internal enviroment as a baby was the start of my health problems - the digestive system and the friendly bacteria that reside there are, I believe, the seat of health and immunity. There are the alpha and the omega of the digestive process from which we extract all the nurtients we need to support every cellular process in our bodies.

Anyhooo....so I decided to knock gluten on the head a couple of months ago, but I didn't realise at the time the potential importance of getting rid of ALL grains - for some people just cutting out wheat as the major source of gluten is enough, but for many it is only when every gluten containing grain is removed from the diet that real healing takes place. I had been taking oat milk in my tea and coffee, and it started to occur to me that maybe I needed to remove oats too - I just wasn't getting massive results on the gluten free diet I had been adhereing to that far. I was aware of the uncertainty surrounding oats, whether they were okay or not for gluten sensitive individuals, but I was myself unsure and wanted to see how I went just removing wheat gluten.

So today is day 4, and really my skin is looking alot better than it was last Friday, when I had a breakout on the left side of my face from getting glutened with wheat in a meal I had - there was wheat flour in the gravy, and I ended up getting these wierd weepy spots just on the left side of my face that didn't respond like a normal spot, they just sat there and wouldn't reduce or change.

They are healing up nicely, and my skin just kind of looks stronger today, more even and pretty much smooth. Still scars, of course, but my skin scars when you look at it, so that is hardly surprising.

Health wise, I am feeling really quite energetic, and my asthma which has been playing up recently because I have been dealing with my inner smoking demon again and have fallen off the wagon (again - sigh!) after 6 smoke free months (DOH!), seems really quite settled and my lings feel pretty good. No heartburn either since I ditched the oal milk on Friday, so that is also a good sign for me.

I'll try and post every day to get an accurate picture of things. Cheers for reading!


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