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Day 50



Well my skin is looking good, the blackheads on my nose are still clearing out. I still have a ton of tiny little pimples under my skin on my chin and jawline. They are slowing coming to the surface.

My body however is not as good, I am extremely tired all the time, I have absolutely no energy at all. I have now pulled something in my back for the 2nd time since starting accutane and I am extremely sore. I also think I may be getting sick again which would be the 2nd time since starting accutane as well. Plus I cant get rid of this cough that I have had since I was sick a month ago. Before I started accutane I should note that I am a very healthy person who does pilates and yoga and eats somewhat healthy and has a BMI of 21.

As much as I love how great my skin looks and want to see this through I dont know if I can continue to put my body through this. I have 2 young children to take care of that and I cant do it if I am constantly tired, aching and sick. I go to get my bloodwork done again next monday and see my Dr. again next friday. If I dont see any improvement in my overall body health, I may discontinue use of accutane. Its really ashame that the one thing that is clearing up my acne that I have had for years is hurting the rest of me. I guess you cant have your cake and eat it too :think:


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