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Day 7



I may or may not update this blog regularly, depending on how busy school gets and whatnot.

So it's day 7. There's really not a whole lot to report, actually.

I guess what I've learnt thus far, is to avoid mirrors...and for God's sake, no matter how much you want to itch and pick, do NOT do so.

I made this mistake today and ended up with a horrific red, blistery mark where there wasn't one before.

Great. One more to add to the multitude that already exist on my face.

My lips are still alright, I can sense they're beginning to dry out a little but nothing major.

My skin is taut, red and feels sunburnt and sensitive. It's drying out quite a lot, but moisturiser seems to be doing the trick.

The actives on my chin have surprisingly dried out and become flat. Thank God. All within a day.

I've noticed the severe increase in red marks and spots on my cheeks. The right is definitely worse than the left.

On my left cheek, right in the "hollow" there's a cyst. It's not too painful to the touch, but very obvious when I press on it. It's slightly pink but relatively unnoticeable.

My forehead is beginning to break out, which is new. I've never really had to worry that much about my forehead, but now I've got about 3 white heads spread out.

Probably the worst side-effect I've really noticed, is the headaches. Dreadful, prolonged headaches. I've been drinking plenty of water and attempting to get lots of sleep but I'm guessing it's the medication that's wreaking havoc on my brain.

Hopefully it will subside soon enough. I'm really, really scared for the IB to start really kicking in.

As any make-up worn at school is absolutely forbidden, I'm just nervous about the reactions I'm going to get when I walk in with a swollen, dry, red, blotchy, broken out face.

I'm really trying hard to keep positive, visualising the end to this whole thing.

Updates and pictures to come (hopefully within the next few days!)


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