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Day 24



Wow some nice improvement has happened, so almost half way through my first dosage of 56 days and finishing off my first box of 28 this week. Blood test in about 3 weeks, still needs to be booked.

I only really have one big active spot on my right cheek and a few small ones on the lieft side near the upper lip and everything else seems to just be dying. I'm probably around 40% claim now there's less redness on the face as a whole, hopefully within the next couple of weeks it'll all be gone.

At the moment I'm wondering why I spent the last 5 years spending money on crap and why I didn't go to the doctor earlier and get it sorted out. Let's hope it only gets better and the effects dont wear off when my medication course is finished. I really want to have clear skin for uni in september and i'm afraid if I go off the medication in the summer that they'll just return - first impressions really count for uni and I really need to get a job where personal appearance no doubt has an influence too.

Ok, see you guys and gals soon.


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