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Gastroenteritis - acne and other observations



Last Saturday, 30 APRIL, i came down with a reet lovely case of Gastroenteritis. I do not know whether it was bacterial or viral as i didn't go to a doctor, even though i should off. Of note though is the last thing i ate, 3 pieces of 2 day old chicken.

30 April, 2011

On Saturday i did some resitive type training then had some whey protein and milk then 3 pieces of chicken, cold, cooked 2 days before. That evening i then developed a fever and the classic ache and pains which worsened through the night leading too SEVER nausea, this lasted for what felt like hours, without actually being sick before non stop set in. This carried on for hours until eventually it calmed down and i got some sleep.

1 May, 2011

I woke up late into the afternoon and felt much better, the fever had greatly reduced and the ache and pains were considerbaly reduced. I only sipped water for a few hours then i had some scrambled eggs and then cornflakes and milk, the reaction was minimal and i only had mild diarrhea that evening. I did have bad gas but i just pu tthat down to the obvious and also that gastroenteritis often leads to temporary lactose problems.

Skin - i noticed i had had quite a bad outbreak, with the spots on my face that were already there seemingly worsening and one large nice inflamed type spot appearing. I can only think it was maybe the inflammation.

2 May, 2011

I sleapt quite well and woke presuming it was a 24 hour thing and was probably over now. I had cornflakes and rice crispies for breakfast, i then had some lunch and yogurt as i had read that it can help with gastroenteritis but the diarrhea started to get worse again so i stopped eating and was back to sipping water. The fever, aches and pains then returned with avengance.

3 May, 2011

I generally felt like shit all day. I had nothing to eat all day. I only sipped water. Diarrhea continued all day. The aches and pains developed into what seemed like induced arthritis. I was clearly developing signs of dehydration, i most probably should have gone to hospital.

Skin - hadn't really got any owrse but the breakout from Sunday was still going strong.

4 May, 2011

I felt slightly better but i still had arthritic symptoms and signs of dehydration which had got considerably worse, most probably because i had stopped drinking as much due to the pain of going to the toilet, basically my anus was severly inflamed making going to the toilet a complete nightmare. That evening i then tried yogurt again through desperation, if nothing else, with the hope it may calm down the diarrhea. What followed was extremly interesting.

The Yogurt incidence

After zero food for 48 hours i broke the fast with 500ml of organic yogurt. The results were disturbing. After 30-60mins or so i felt a warming sensation in my lower gi tract, prob small intestines i guess, this led to severe cramping, bloating and pain, i then did the worse farts i have ever done, litteraly toxic! along with beltching and heartburn. The warming in my intestines then developed to what felt like burning. I then got severe pains and very violent diarrhea.

The fever and arthritis got worse that night and the lovely diarrhea contined through the night.

5 May 2011

Same as before. No eating. Sipping water. Diarrhea with inlfamtion of anus meaning it was fing agony each time - prob one of the worse experiences of my life - no joke. But by the evening i was feeling better and the diarrhea started to be calming down.

7 May 2011

I awoke feeling better so i resumed eating. The dehydration seemed to be lessening as well as the colour of my urine became lighter again.

I had egg and rice and some yogurt to try to replace bacteria i presume must have been severly reduced by all the diarrhea. That evening my stomach and guts weren't too bad considering but i developed a rash over my arms and some of my chest, bac and legs. This lasted until the nest day. Very weird, but must be significant and a sign of what had happened to my body.

8 May 2011

The rash faded and i pretty much returned to normal.

Skin - generally improved over the last few days, actually signifcantly improved.

Significant observations of period of ilness

Acne got worse - large inflamed spot appeared on forehead - slin got better as ilness got better.

Sever GI incidence open break of 48 hour fast with yogurt.

Some kind of induced arthritis.

Rash deveoped on resumption of eating and ending of diarrhea.

This seems to indicate that intestional bacteria may well be the significant factor for me with my acne. I still dont know how or why but things just seemed to point towards this. Somehow being linke dto inflammation.


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